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So, I think i am going to do a career change. I live in Denver, and I want to take online courses at FullSail to earn a BS in Game Design. I am currently full-time employed and don't see me having a schedule to take classes at a campus. My wife is concerned that, like me getting a culinary degree and now being an executive chef, that getting a degree in Game Design is going to kill my love of gaming, like my current degree did for cooking.

I am 28 and have been interested in getting a degree in Computer Science since my early high school years. But I grew up helping my grandmother in a kitchen and absolutely loved culinary school.


So, my questions for those of you who may be familiar with this, or in the industry of gaming...

-Are online classes just as beneficial as opposed to going to and sitting in a class?


-Are there better schools in the Denver area that would/could be better than FullSail

-What are the odds of me hating to play video games because I spend my working hours around them.


-Is a BS in Game Design a good degree to get for the industry?

Thanks in advance!

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